Chrystya Began Catering Specialty Coffee Drinks In North Texas Over 20 Years Ago!

In 1995 Chrystya Geremesz was marketing specialty coffees to fine establishments in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  There was growing interest in espresso drinks and she decided to embrace this demand and launch World Class Coffee Catering.  For seven years, WCCC was a favorite specialty coffee bar service at weddings, corporate events, tenant parties, grand openings, holiday parties, fundraisers and more!


After a hiatus from the corporate world, her passion for coffee, tea and organic options, has inspired her to return to catering and make it even more of a sought after service the second time around.  Chrystya uses only organic coffee and teas along with other natural ingredients like syrups, cocoa and sprinkles, eco-friendly cups, lids, napkins and stirrers to command a complete package. She is sensitive to her customer's dietary needs, so almond milk is provided as an option to ensure everyone is satisfied and enjoys the pleasures of fabulous tasting coffee and tea beverages.

Her son, Yuri joined WCCC to be one of the Artisan Baristas making specialty coffee and tea drinks.  He enjoys serving guests and takes pride in using European Barista techniques.


WCCC is committed to making a positive impact in our community one cup at a time, so together, lets make your next function, naturally eventful!

Chrystya Geremesz

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