It's your special day that will be remembered for a lifetime! Make it a fabulous occasion with a coffee and tea bar that offers your guests, healthy, delicious drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, chai lattes, mochas, teas, steamers and more.


These drinks pair wonderfully with the wedding cakes and even the children can enjoy non caffeinated drinks, called steamers (steamed milk with flavored syrups).


Every drink is made with organic ingredients so you can provide only the best for your guests!

Special Events  & Galas

Do you want to make your next party a hit?  You will impress with World Class Coffee Catering on your team!  Consider indulging your guests with the addition of coffee liquors, bringing the coffee bar to another level!


Our decor is classy and is coordinated with your event manager to ensure the coffee and tea bar is located in the perfect spot for your guests.  Any event can become a hit with the addition of artisan coffee and tea drinks made to order by our trained Artisan Baristas.


The holidays are so much fun with festive decor, favorite music, traditional foods, decadent desserts, drinks and more!  Serving your favorite signature coffee and tea drinks are like giving gifts to the guests, one cup at a time. 


Your guests choose the coffee in regular or decaf, milk or almond milk, choice of aromatic sprinkles, sweet syrups, honey or maple syrup to create tantalizing combinations!  What a way to enjoy the favorite times of the year!

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World Class Coffee Catering