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World Class Coffee Catering provides specialty coffee and tea service for events throughout the North Texas area using organic or natural ingredients.  

Professional, Artisan Baristas prepare custom drinks that are delicious and natural.  
Coffee Drinks        
Cafe Americano
Tea Drinks
Chai Lattes
Organic Teas
Other Drinks
Vanilla Syrup
Hazelnut Syrup
Amaretto Syrup
Maple Syrup

Cocoa Sugar
Cinnamon Sugar
Freshly Ground Nutmeg
Freshly Ground Cinnamon
WCCC arrives to your venue at least one hour in advance of the contracted service time.  We coordinate a location with adequate lighting, access to an electrical outlet and enough space for an 8 foot table.  
We work with your event coordinator to choose decor that compliments your event's theme perfectly, this can include table skirting, top linens and glassware for both formal and informal events.
The base for most coffee and tea beverages is water and WCCC uses only filtered, reverse osmosis water to ensure optimum taste and benefit. Organic milk and non-dairy almond milk is used to produce the lattes, steamers and cappuccinos.  
We use Eco-friendly disposable cups in white or brown, napkins and stirrers. Individual packages of Sugar In The Raw and Stevia are provided as additional sweeteners.
Your price is based on the invited guest count and total hours of service with additional charges if the coffee and tea bar is the main drink source for the event.
Contact us to receive a quote on your next catered event!

Organic Coffees

WCCC has chosen a blend of organic, medium roasted beans available in both regular and decaffeinated for our guest's selection. To Learn more about organic coffees, click here

Organic Teas

Enjoying tea is an ageless tradition. WCCC provides a tea selection that is fresh and full of natural goodness. Currently our selection includes Numi and Traditional Medicinals Teas.

Natural Sweeteners

Sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup and naturally flavored simple syrups are offered along with Sugar in the Raw and Stevia. WCCC likes using Organic Monin Syrups - an international favorite!

Freshly Ground Sprinkles

Adding sprinkles to a coffee drink bring the flavors to another dimension. Not only will you be savoring the taste of your drink, but the aroma of freshly ground cinnamon or nutmeg is truly divine! Learn the benefits of nutmeg here.

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World Class Coffee Catering